Introducing "Herb's"…A new name in the pickled snacks industry! Herb's Snack Foods are manufactured by a family owned company that has been producing quality pickled snacks for over 70 years.
Single Serve Single Serve Pickled Hot Sausages Pickled Pigs Feet Pickled Eggs Pickled Pigs Knuckles Pickled Onions
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Quote Mark YOU DID IT! You have the recipe for the picked hot sausage that I have been missing all these years. Ever since the Penrose pickled hot sausage was pulled off the market, I have been searching the world over for a replacement. No other sausage company could come close to the old Penrose, but you hit the bull's eye. Quote Mark
Kent W., Arkansas
Valued Customer
Quote Mark Herb's Snack Foods is a company built on a foundation of quality, trust and customer satisfaction. They deliver a fine product! Quote Mark
Don Knauss
Former Owner
Knauss Dried Beef Company