Herb's History

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane With Herb

Yes, HERB'S is the newest entry into the growing pickled snacks market, but it comes with a heritage unlike any other in the pickled snacks industry. Since 1939, the Wagner family of Gibbstown, New Jersey has been processing and packaging meat products.


It all started when young Herbold Wagner, Sr., who as a boy, learned his trade of sausage making in southern Germany. His childhood dream was to live in America. So one day he began his journey with only the clothes on his back, and his own secret recipes for making hot dogs and sausage tucked away in his pocket.


When he arrived in Philadelphia in 1937, Herbold started a butchering business, but the competition in the city was much too fierce to be successful. He searched the surrounding areas to relocate his business and settled in Paulsboro, New Jersey. Then in 1939, he built Wagner Provisions Co., Inc. on Broad Street in Gibbstown, New Jersey where it stands today.


Herbold, Sr. retired in 1976 and his son, Herbold, Jr., known to all as Sonny, followed in his father's footsteps. For many years, Wagner produced hot dogs, kielbasa and breakfast sausage along with pickled hot sausage which were sold in stores throughout the tri-state area.


The family also ran a retail butcher shop until 1990. But the growth of the pickled snack business and their success in the niche pickled snacks market in particular, established a laser-like focus for the Wagner family.


However, the focus for the Wagner family was never on building its own brand — that is until now. Herbold III, or "Young Herb" as he is known around the plant, is managing the family business and he sees a bright future for the Gibbstown, NJ, company...And that future is Herb's Snack Foods!